Downfall is a yearly event for the Dystopia Rising Network. The event itself is similar to a Dystopia Rising festival, designed like an epic scale blockbuster event with the intent of and focus on providing an amazing experience for established fans of the Dystopia Rising universe.

This event is not particularly designed for new players, since with the scale and scope of the event it is difficult to give new players who do not know the world the attention they need to actively assist them in both knowing the genre materials as well as become involved in the game.

Downfall is a time when friends and family across the entire Dystopia Rising Network come together to share four days in our post-apocalyptic wonderland. Under the story focus of a settlement of travelers known as the Circle of 12-Knots, we transform miles of landscape into a new post-apocalypse settlement.

Downfall is a big budget event unlike most boffer LARPs. Massive sites, site resources, props, and materials are all standard for the event. In prior years massive structures, vehicles, underwater scenarios, caravan routes, and entire combat simulation towns have been built just for Downfall events.

Downfall events are sandbox events with transparent zones of interest. We effectively tell the players where they can go for different types of role-play experiences, in the instance that they are looking to get engaged with players of similar interests. By stating where certain sorts of plots will be, players can choose their own degree of involvement and have the agency to take the event weekend at their own speed.


The Circle of 12 Knots is a society of Rovers that creates neutral grounds across the wasteland where Rovers can settle their issues and make trades on behalf of their families.

With the tensions of the wasteland growing, the mutation and growth of the raider populations, and the new forms of deadly undead,

But there are those who want to have voice and sit at neutral ground who are not Rovers. This year the Circle of 12 Knots is inviting every major settlement to attend, have a voice, and be represented as equals at a neutral ground.

Each settlement, large or small, will be provided 8 mantles to be worn at the neutral ground gathering. 

Each settlement can decide who, and when, a person of their settlement will speak on behalf of their entire town before arriving at the safe-grounds.

The Circle of 12 Knots will act as organizers and will also treat and speak with Rovers regarding their own home on the road.

The settlement will have brewers, metal workers, performers, and a downtown market for trade. Those looking to sleep in the heart of the commerce can rent yurts and put in funds towards paying for guards. Those wanting to just sleep as they are will be able to share space, since none of the territory is owned, in a blending of communities across the wasteland.

All that is asked is the following rules:

  • The wearers of each settlement’s mantle officially speak for a settlement.
  • Violence, murder, and theft will result in both the individual and the mantle wearers of their settlement to be punished by both the collective settlement representatives and the 12 Knots.
  • It is the responsibility of all to provide for, protect, and fight to keep the temporary settlement during the duration of the gather.
  • Walls are meant to keep things out. Construct walls only on the edge of the defenses and not around our own hearths and camps.
  • Any slave that enters the territory of the neutral ground will be considered to have equal footing and equal rights as any other during the duration that they are within the shared grounds.

Welcome to the hospitality of the Circle of 12 Knots. Please enjoy your stay, widen your horizons, and look to work together for the betterment of all settlements against the threats of the outside world. Spend time running caravan routes, learn from our brewers and metal workers, assist scientists in the creation of new transportation and advances, share philosophical and educational space, and come together for the enrichment and betterment of all.